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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Actually make that mirror, mirror in my head.....

About a decade ago, scientists discovered a type of neuron which previously had not even been imagined. These neurons are "what some consider both one of the greatest drivers of human progress and one of the prime discoveries in recent neuroscience: mirror neurons. These are neurons in key parts of our brain – the premotor cortex, centers for language, empathy, pain – that fire not only as we perform a certain action but when we watch someone else perform that action. The discovery of this mechanism, made about a decade ago, suggests that everything we watch someone else do, we do as well, on a mental scale." (David Dobbs, Scientific American Mind, June 2006).

 I have learned the "see one, do one, teach one" method. Attending a workshop such as the one we will have on Monhegan Island will give you the opportunity to explore and strengthen your skills through the marriage of painting and visualization.

Mirror neurons help us learn by integrating new information through observation, a key part of what Jacq provides through her demonstrations. 

Visualization most likely also engages the mirror neurons, thus enhancing the incorporation of new approaches to our painting while also encouraging creatively developing your own style. 

And, everyday you will have the opportunity to "do" by painting at gorgeous sites all around Monhegan. 

Lastly, by being part of a community of painters, you can "learn" by seeing how everyone's style is unique to that individual; thus, encouraging the further development of your own style.

If you want to jump-start your creativity, join us on magical Monhegan in August! 

Island Art Workshop

2 day workshop July 23 - 24, 2018

Release your creativity through the use of Visualization techniques in an 
Outdoor Painting from Life 
Oil/Acrylic art workshop.

2 day workshop only

Monhegan Island Maine
Here's your chance to stay and work on the magical, mystical island of Monhegan, long known for creative, spiritual and life altering forces with like minded individuals seeking the essence of oneness and serenity with nature.

 Experience the ancient romanticism long known to artists, poets, writers and musicians that is Monhegan, the island that time forgot...

Get in touch with your inner creative force...
 in a reality most artists just dream about.
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