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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall  - by Molly DeLaney, Psy.D.

Actually make that mirror, mirror in my head.....

About a decade ago, scientists discovered a type of neuron which previously had not even been imagined. These neurons are "what some consider both one of the greatest drivers of human progress and one of the prime discoveries in recent neuroscience: mirror neurons. These are neurons in key parts of our brain – the premotor cortex, centers for language, empathy, pain – that fire not only as we perform a certain action but when we watch someone else perform that action. The discovery of this mechanism, made about a decade ago, suggests that everything we watch someone else do, we do as well, on a mental scale." (David Dobbs, Scientific American Mind, June 2006).

 I have learned the "see one, do one, teach one" method. 
Attending a workshop such as the one we will have on Monhegan Island, will give you the opportunity to explore and strengthen your skills through the marriage of painting and visualization.

Mirror neurons help us learn by integrating new information through observation, a key part of what Jacq provides through her demonstrations. 

Visualization most likely also engages the mirror neurons, thus enhancing the incorporation of new approaches to our painting while also encouraging creatively developing your own style. 

And, everyday you will have the opportunity to "do" by painting at gorgeous sites all around Monhegan. 

Lastly, by being part of a community of painters, you can "learn" by seeing how everyone's style is unique to that individual; thus, encouraging the further development of your own style.

If you want to jump-start your creativity, join us on magical Monhegan in July 

Monhegan Island Art Workshop
Art and Visualization Workshop Retreat

 2 day workshop July 15-16, 2024 

Release your creativity through the use of Visualization techniques in an 
Outdoor Painting from Life 
Oil/Acrylic art workshop.

2 day workshop only
Monhegan Island Maine
Here's your chance to stay and work on the mystical island of Monhegan, long known for creative, spiritual and life altering forces You'll meet like minded individuals who appreciate the basics of this tiny island and the simplicity of life reminiscent of times past.

 Experience the ancient romanticism long known to artists, poets, writers and musicians that is Monhegan, the island that time forgot...

Get in touch with your inner creative force...
 in a reality most artists just dream about.
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 Non painting companions are welcome!. 

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The Island Inn                                                                           The Monhegan House

Inc. breakfast                                                                  

1-207-596-0371                                                                       includes breakfast and dinner

email [email protected]                                                  email : [email protected]                                                  ( 207)594-7983    

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Shining Sails B & B    1-207-596-0041   rooms & cottages 

Hitchcock House       1-207-594-8137 efficiencies 

Bracketts Oar House    [email protected]

Tribler  Cottage       1-207-594-2445 efficiencies - Richard Farrell, proprietor

Rental cottages on Monhegan Island located 10 miles off the coast of Maine. Call Maryann for availability and rates. 207-596-0175 [email protected]

The Cracked Mug Melanie Tucker - 207-923-0304

Visit the FISH HOUSE for the best Lobster, Clam Rolls and Fish

Travel by plane - We suggest trying

Service is available to Rockland about 25 min. away (Knox County )and Portland International (about 2 hours away) TRANSPORTATION from Portland Airport HERE

By car

From the South

Route 95 North to exit 22 on to Coastal Route 1 to Rte 131 South to Port Clyde

From the North

Coastal Route 1 to Rte 131 South to Port Clyde

Monhegan Boat Line
Port Clyde
P.O. Box 238
Port Clyde, Maine 04855
Fax (207) 372-8547 [email protected] 

Balmy Days Boat
Boothbay Harbor
800 298-2284

The Hardy Boat
New Harbor
1 (800) PUFFIN

Flights into KNOX COUNTY airport with Jet Blue 

Now, Cape Air is “Code-Shared” with Jet Blue.  This simplifies the process for passengers and should eliminate nearly all the frustrations previously experienced.  You can schedule your entire flight through Cape Air (or Jet Blue) and receive one ticket.  Nearly all the third party sites now recognize RKD and Cape Air’s more frequent summer schedule flights are already loaded in the system.   

You can contact Cape Air locally at 207-596-7604 and you can make reservations at 1-866-227-3247 or at

If you have any comments about their service please contact the 

Knox County Regional Airport Manager at 207-594-4131 or [email protected].

Schooner Bay Taxi
(207) 594-5000
Toll Free   (877) 594-5001  

Rockland Taxi 207-596-2575

Hit the Road Taxi 
23 Alder Ln, PO Box 235, South Thomaston, ME 
Tell Barbara We sent you!!

There are three ferry companies providing service to Monhegan. The most frequent option is the Monhegan Boat Line, leaving three times daily from Port Clyde in the high season. This is the only year-round ferry (actually, there are two ferries, the Elizabeth Ann and the elegant, older Laura B, a converted Army transport built in 1943); in winter they make the trip three times a week, weather permitting. Roundtrip fare is around $32. ($16 for kids); boxes of provisions and large items cost extra. Parking is available for around $7/day.

The Balmy Days II ferry leaves from Boothbay Harbor once a day and also offers half-hour cruises around Monhegan. Service is from May until October and the price is around $30 ? roundtrip. Parking is available for around $6/day.?

Hardy Boat Cruises leave from New Harbor twice a day during high season. A seal watch is included on the return trip. 

Email me now [email protected] to find out more about this Painting Holiday.

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Grab a glass of wine or cup of tea and join us for the most gorgeous 
ocean sunsets 
on the East Coast
$397.00 workshop fee only
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