Your Monhegan Island Workshops are pure magic. The experiences you created, the learnings and freedom you give to “open up and be” changed our lives. Thank you, forever.                                                                         Colleen Townsley Brinkmann 

I have been looking at this website for years and never had the nerve to go. My daughter and I just got back from the Sarasota workshop and had a wonderful time. We learned so much in just two days. Jacqueline is an amazing person and teacher. 
My advice to anyone that is afraid to go, just go! You won't regret it! 
I loved it! It was so great meeting you and your sister. Thank you so much for giving us so much needed attention! I can't wait to paint and use what I learned from you. I hope we will meet up again in the future.                                                    Jacki Bank

This workshop was fabulous! Having Jacqueline as a teacher was very inspirational. I have been doing oil painting since I was twelve and have a Masters in Art Education. Although I have taken many art classes in college this was very different. She taught me a different way to look at what I was seeing. It is easy to get set in one way of painting and not want to learn a different way. I enjoyed learning the techniques needed to be a successful Plein Air painter. She gave me the confidence needed to continue making art myself and not just for my students. I recommend taking this workshop even if you know how to paint, but want a fresh perspective. It is a challenge to allow yourself to change the way paint, but it is well worth work. 

Thank you Jacqueline for this wonderful experience.  
                                                                                                                                                      Allyson Sapherstein

I  had a great time and learned a few things!
 2nd workshop Mary Freiberg

Spending time on Monhegan was a life changing event because I could be steeped in artistic history and growth. You, Charlie, and Molly were extremely generous, sharing stories, teaching, and coaching us at places made famous by artists of the past. There is so much more I could share suffice to say I hope to be with you again this year. I believe Suzanne is also attempting to revisit beautiful Monhegan Island to join the workshop. Thanks for making such a difference the way you do.                 Ann Woolsey

Dear JB
I took your five day oil painting workshop on Monhegan Island. The way you taught us outside by working the tones of the beautiful landscape opened my eyes to be a better painter. 
I shall always cherish this week and the comradery of the other painters in the group. Thank you so much and I am interested in the watercolor workshop sometime.                                                                                  Best of luck in the future, Rich Coleman

Jac thought you would like to see my  finished painting from last weekend.  Thanks again for
the workshop think it helped me alot by attending.                                                                                                Barb

Hi Jaqueline:  
It was a pleasure to meet you and I enjoyed our two days painting and getting new tools and ways to see, even if the weather was a bit "damp".                                                                                                                                                      Wendy Pride

thank you, thank you, thank you. You are an absolutely amazing artist, teacher, advisor, confidant and a master of translating the beauty of the soul and of this world onto canvas. You help transform us beginners into wanting to master the art of painting and creating our own stories through this medium.

I also really appreciated how you translated the "left brain" technical translation of imagery and helped convert that into "right brain" output. It was really neat. And I thank you for having the wisdom and patience to allow me to work through that - I suspect that I have a lot of conditioning to overcome but I am hopeful that I can start to see light and colour in new ways.

So Jack, thanks so much for the best workshop I have ever had in my life. Your gift to me was powerful. I thank you forever.

Please let me know of your future workshops
Keep well and please have a great week.                                                                                                              Pierre

Hello Jacqueline

Thank you for the kind words. I had an amazing 2 days. I've learned more from you than all my other workshop instructors together. You had a number a tips or comments that have stuck in my mind all week. If the rain holds off I plan to do a painting tomorrow...just in the backyard.
Best wishes always
I'll watch for future workshops on your website.                                                                                                       Laurie

Hi Jacqueline,

Just back from my recent trip to Buffalo.  I have to tell you the the highlight of the trip was painting with you at the workshop. 
The location was unbelievable, awe-inspiring and indescribable.  I'm trying to master phtalo but it really wants to master me.
I liked learning your grisalle method of doing a value study.  It's a neat technique to add to my arsenal.

Most of all, I enjoyed meeting you and will think of you as one of my very talented artist friends.  If I can help you advertise your Myrtle Beach workshop, I'd be happy to pass the information onto my plein air group of 60 plus artists. 
If you need an assistant for your Monhegan workshops in 2010, keep me in mind. I would love to assist if your numbers get overwhelming.

Just touched up my paintings from Niagara Falls and will have them on my site soon. 
Again, thanks for a memorable workshop.
It was fabulous!
                                                                                                                                                                 Ann Hair, NC 


I just wanted to thank you again for not canceling the Myrtle Beach workshop. To be able to work with you for two days with your undivided attention was truly a valuable experience for me.

Not only did I get information regarding materials, location, set-up, and approach to plein air painting, I received something I wasn't planning on - a direction in my painting! The workshop was worth many times the price of admission!

Many more thanks and continued success in your workshops and painting!

                                                                                                                                                                       Bill D
Dear Jackie:

I had such a wonderful time painting last weekend.  I learned so much. You are a patient and giving teacher.   Comparing Saturday to Sunday's paintings was a revelation.  I look at everything in terms of cast shadows.  I also can't wait to send for the Graham paints and try them at home. 

I hope I can sign up for other classes in the future.                                                                                            Linda K, NJ

Thank you so much for the photo of Jeanne and me. We both enjoyed the workshop so much. As my first experience with plein aire painting, I really appreciated the opportunity to watch as you demonstrated establishing a value study and building up the painting with application of color from dark to light. I loved "in the moment" quality of painting outdoors, even when the wind was blowing my easel over! Your input was always helpful and so encouraging.

I plan to continue my efforts at painting outdoors and you can count on me being at one of your future workshops.
Thanks again.                                                                                                                                      Karen Ketchum

Dear Jacqui,

Thank you for an excellent weekend of art instruction. The techniques you taught were great. The entire workshop was very enlightening for me. The methods you taught will bring me to a new level as a painter. I came to the workshop knowing very little about plein air painting, but left feeling inspired to continue with plein air painting.
I am also hoping to contact local plein air painters and try to start perhaps a plein air society in our area.
Again, thanks for everything...including the trip at the Falls, the Canadian fries and those excellent Maple Leaf cookies.
Wishing you many successes !                                                                                                       Kelly Sunderland, PA.

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know what an impact you made on my life. 
I only took one workshop with you but it certainly was inspiring and educational. 
I have been able to rededicate myself to painting (even though I still have trouble making time to paint as much as I would like).
Not only has my life improved artistically, but also personally.  I have met a wonderful man that I plan on marrying soon.

I also wanted to let you know I want to do another workshop with you in the future.  Don't know when for sure yet, one thing at a time:)
Thank you so much,                                                                                                                                           Kelly S.

Hi Jacq: Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the workshop.  
Thanks so much for making this a valuable and fun experience.  I have continued to edit some paintings done there including the birthday  gift for my wife (who loved her gift).  I also am processing the  lessons conveyed and hope that the changes will continue to occur as they sink in.,
Dan J., Mass

Hi Jacqueline - I took your workshop last June - it really gave me an amazing jump start.                   Kristina Wentzell

Your workshop has definitely influenced how I think about composition and values.   I have been using photos less and doing more from my head, or even combining subjects from photos so they have the effect I’m looking for.  I think I’m improving.  I’m also trying to make every stroke count.                                                                                                         Brenda Hofbauer.

Dear Jacqui,

Thank you for an excellent weekend of art instruction. The techniques you taught were great. The entire
workshop was very enlightening for me. The methods you taught will bring me to a new level as a painter. I
came to the workshop knowing very little about plein air painting, but left feeling inspired to continue with
plein air painting.
I am also hoping to contact local plein air painters and try to start perhaps a plein air society in our area.
Again, thanks for everything...including the trip at the Falls, the Canadian fries and those excellent Maple
Leaf cookies.
Wishing you many successes !                                                                                                         Kelly Sunderland, PA.

Hi Jacq: Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the workshop.
Thanks so much for making this a valuable and fun experience.  I have continued to edit some paintings
done there including the birthday  gift for my wife (who loved her gift).  I also am processing the  lessons
conveyed and hope that the changes will continue to occur as they sink in.,
                                                                                                                                                           Dan J., Mass.

J. Baldini's Monhegan Workshop allows every level of painter a haven of creative expression. You are
encouraged to work at your own pace and find your individual style. It is truly a spiritual retreat.                                                                                                                                                        

The most important aspect of this workshop for me was time away on my own. If I attended another
workshop I would like greater emphasis on vino,lobster,cabana boys and cats- Loved it!                                                                                      
                                                                                                                                                          Brandy Gale


First off, I want to thank you for a great weekend workshop last month.  I enjoyed it immensely, and most
importantly really jump-started my painting.  I found your demonstrations and discussions on underpainting,
composition, color, value, "right brain" mode, brushwork, etc. very helpful.  In just one weekend, my
painting moved up a whole level.  I am excited again about working and have been painting busily since the
workshop in preparation for my family's art show on August 4th.  I really will have some paintings to show
for myself!
Hope your Monhegan/Bar Harbor trip is wonderful.  I look forward to painting with you again.
                                                                                                                                                          Kristina W., NY

Jacqueline's workshop was very informative and taught me a technique for solving the value problems I had
been struggling with. I will continue to use the value on canvas technique instead of a sketch for plein air
painting. I also learned to avoid light colored clothing to avoid the glare factor. It was agreat experience
overall. Thank You!                                                                                                              Wendy D.,Golden, Colorado

Hi Jacq,
I can't believe the trip is over, after looking forward to it for so long. You really are a dedicated teacher and
I like your style of making us think about the total picture and what we want to achieve before starting, ie
values and shading, etc.

                                                                                                                                                  Elaine Allen., NY

Dear Jacqueline
This week has been magical. a dream come to reality. Monhegan is classic Maine coast. No matter where I
look. I see a painting. The changing weather is like multiple personalities full of surprise, if not anticipation.
Working with you under your tutelage, has been inspirational and has greatly increased my belief that I may
learn to enjoy the unpredictability of watercolor. It certainly matches the aura of the island.
I look forward to seeing you and learning more next year.
                                                                                                                                                   Dawn S., Maine

This was the first time on the island for me and I loved it. Everywhere you look there's a painting!
The workshop was great. Some days were frustrating beacuse I was trying to learn something new, but I
learned a lot. so the total experience is very satisfying. Also gained a new respect and appreciation for plein
air painting. Hope to return next year.

                                                                                                                                                   Judy M., Maine

Jacqueline taught me to see from a unique perspective and to convey that perspective to others.

                                                                                                                                                   Margaret A., NY

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop & appreciate your patience in letting me learn in my own way. Thanks a

                                                                                                                                                  Baila Miller., Chicago

I have enjoyed this workshop trememdously. It has been a great group of people and it has been a great
experience seeing the different styles and techniques that people have used.
I thought that the demos were very interesting and useful and I like the way Jacqueline would help each of
us to accomplish our goals.
The artistic advice and instruction were excellent. Thank You!
                                                                                                                                             Roseann E., Rhode Island

I feel that I have begun a good foundation for painting with emphasis on value.
                                                                                                                                            Louise R., N.Carolina

This was my first painting workshop. I found Jacqueline a knowledgeable and encouraging instructor. The
friendliness of the students and the beauty of Monhegan made for a helpful learning environment.
                                                                                                                                                    Sue  ., Maine

The workshop with Jacqueline Baldini has been one of the greatest painting learning experiences I have had
.- I learned more in 3 days than what I have learned in other workshops and painting courses - the result has
been remarkable.

                                                                                                                                                   Jorge Pena., Miami
Thank You is all I've been saying all week, grateful for the environment , which helps me in knowing now
where my passion has always been.
Goal #1 Find Direction
Grateful for your patience & soft guidance which freed me from perfection.

Goal #2 Relax and allow me to be a beginner
Grateful that this group was diverse and encouraging and sharing themselves.

Goal #3 Not be imtimidated by those further ahead of me.
What I've learned...
Someone told me I needed to paint, paint, paint. This week gave me the opportuniy to realize the benefit.
Working 5 days a week , and being tired at night, had prevented me from experiencing this.
Going back with a drive to continue. Dawn and I are going to produce one painting a week and meet once a
month for art date. I'm thinking I need to start another art group - gather friends that paint.
I am looking forward to the next workshop. I love the caribbean and I was thinking these workshop options
 included my 2 favorite worlds. Also, I haven't studied under one person and I want this opportunity.

                                                                                                                                                  Claralee Street., Maine
Hi, Jacq!

The whole experience was a dream for me. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to have that extra time
together. I really enjoy your company and it is pretty amazing that there was so much synchronicity going
on! I am already looking forward to next year....

                                                                                                                                                         MollyDeLaney, Maine

Just a note to say how much fun I had at the workshop!
I'd love to be caught up with what the rest of you did in the workshop! It's been quite fun for me to apply
what I did do to my current work. When I close my eyes now instead of visualizing Tuscan landscapes or
Medieval villages waking up to the smell of espresso and croissants in Southern France, I smell Josh's cold
mushroom soup, fog, and I hear, "cake before frosting", and I'm in heaven. Thanks again, Jaqui, for the
thoughtful directions you sent me in.

What a fabulous workshop! I look forward to continuing contacts with the foggy 14.

Thank You for a most wonderful adventure. I hope to paint with you again.
                                                                                                                                                 Debanne, New Jersey

What a great workshop! It was exactly what I'd hoped for because it struck the right balance for me of
instruction and time to practice what I learned.
Jacq is not only a wonderful artist but she is also a skilled and dedicated teacher: encouraging, sensitive,
honest and completely devoted to the art of painting.
Thank you so much for my private tutorial at Burnt Head. I learned more from you about watercolor in 2
hrs. than I did in an 8 week course I'd just finished!
                                                                                                                                                 Judy Kamm, Mass

A note of thanks to you for providing a wonderful and fun workshop. This was my first workshop and I
look forward to doing more in the future.
I am hoping to keep in touch with some of the other students in the Boston area and I think we even planned
a saturday to paint outside.

Thanks again for a great week and I will hopefully continue to paint!!!        Kind regards                                    
                                                                                                                                                    Dottie Laughlin.
Being in the out of doors around beautiful Monhegan Island challenged me to paint fast so as to capture the
light and the quickly changing atmosphere. We were very fortunate to experience a diverse climate change
from bright sunlight with heavy shadows to wet misty gray days. An emphasis in this class was grisalle, color
temperature and the simplification of the subject. Being a plein air painter forces you to think on your feet
and quickly brush in the essence of the island.
                                                                                                                                         El Towle, Barnet, Vermont

Thanks so much for all the hard work making the Monhegan Workshop possible. I tried to hold onto the
vacation mode as long as possible. A week has passed and I have two more paintings, one a rework of the
study on Horn Hill, and the other a pallette knife rendition of a sunset in the Berkshires. Almost abstract in
its looseness.
I am hoping to return next summer a more accomplished painter. Meanwhile, I'll continue life drawing  and
weekly painting when I can.

Your personal attention to each of us was inspirational.
Sara Jones

J-      I took some photos of  exhibit. Will send.  Enjoyed working with you.
                   Your Suuuth'n student,
For all who don't know Jacquiline she is a very lovely woman who gives her all in her workshops. My trip to
Monhegan was amazing to say the least. Everywhere I turned there was something to paint and artists
abound this tiny island as if the island were owned by artists. It was a crowning point in my art career to be
with Jacky and the friends that I met there and will be treasured for years tocome. Jacquilines expertice with
painting En Plein Aire captured my heart and soul and it will capture whoever should attend one of her
workshops. I will try to get back to Monhegan again for the experience was a joyful one and also my stay at
the Trailing Yew.

  From:                                                                                                                              Ron Rudat   Attleboro , Ma.

It was a great workshop!! You were a super leader (and excellent critiques)... The group was lots of fun!!!
I came away with some good material...
I really enjoyed meeting you...the workshop was everything I hoped for...
I'd like to do it again, if possible .
                                                                                                                                                     Debbie Seymour

Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop on Monhegan  - Everything was perfect &
I've worked on some of my sketches to make a finished painting. Thank you for your brochure for the St.
Lucia workshop  & I plan to go.
                                                                                                                                                     Nona Rutter
P.S. I have a painting juried into Pastel Society Show ,NYC

My experience on Monhegan was so very expanding for me artistically and personally. It opened me up to
new ideas and  ways of addressing my art and themes.
Jacqueline Baldini runs a gentle workshop where all are  welcomed.
She is a competent, knowledgeable and sure-handed instructor. I admired greatly her art-- both watercolor
and  oil--and her clear and sincere interpretations of the scenes at  hand.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a Baldini workshop.Jacq facilitates a wonderful week of art.
If you ever get a chance to attend, don't hesitate.
Thanks Jacq, you are the best.
I heard about Monhegan on visits to Maine. I have visited the island twice for a week to attend two Baldini
                                                                                                                                              Deborah Cavanaugh, NC

What a terrific experience working with you! I was delighted to have received such valuable information,
particularly re: right brain technique,along with your professional, honest critiques during the Niagara

Jacq, you understand the passion to create, and are a skillful, encouraging guide and a wonderful person,
too. Thank you for making the whole experience fun and challenging. Your plein air workshop would
benefit anyone at any stage of their creative endeavours. Thank you again                                                                                                                              
3rd workshop                                                                                                                                                
                                                                                                                                              Brandy Gale, Ontario

Hi Jacq,

Thanks for the photo.
I had a such a wonderful weekend learning to use acrylics for Plein Air painting.

You have such a natural way of teaching and the subject of Niagara Falls was so captivating that I did not
want to stop painting, and indeed your workshop has seized my imagination so that I have continued to
paint.  Even when I am not painting I am in the beautiful space of thinking like a painter and seeing the
landscape as a vast work of art.  The sky keeps calling for the first stroke of my brush.  Your workshop
shows the way to organize the impressions of the day into memorable paintings while experiencing the
freedom of the outdoor landscape.
Thank you so much for the beautiful weekend of painting.
                                                                                                                                             Bonnie White, Lillydale ,NY

Hi Jacq:

Thanks so much for a really great painting and learning experience in Niagara Falls on 9/10 and 11, 2006.  I
had never tried to paint outside before and didn't know what to expect.  The workshop what a great
inspiration and your personalized attention and encouragement were truly appreciated.  Thanks for posting
my painting on your website--my 15 minutes of fame!  I look forward to more plein air painting on my own
and attending another of your workshops.

Once again, thanks.
                                                                                                                                            Tim K., Michigan

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