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Here's the things to know about Watercolor...

It can be unpredictable. 
And that can be the Magic of it !
Be mindful that working with outside t​emperature that is too hot, too cold or just too humid can affect the way your paint handles and dries.
It is helpful to work on a Watercolor block for better control.

Because one of the important things in painting in Watercolor is to preserve the surface integrity of the paper, it is desirable to be confident in your drawing skill and not use an eraser to compromise your working surface
The workshop is casual and meant to be enjoyable, so a good suggestion would be to have a basic drawing course under your belt, if you need a refresher 

or have not taken a Watercolor workshop before. read on...

Watercolor workshops
when non artists think about maybe doing some painting, they think Watercolors may be a simple way to begin. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Remember what you started with in kindergarten ?

Unlike oil painting, Watercolor paint uses 'water' as a vehicle. 
To contain water, you use a 'container', right ? 
When you paint with Water, there is no 'container'.
You learn to control what the medium can do, to a degree...
 but, some of the best parts come in uncontrolled strokes, 
which is the beauty of it. 
You can then produce mood and a sense of space. 
You learn to predict the varying of what colors sink in, 
what colors stain and the timing of the drying surface before more paint can be added to get different effects,

You let the Watercolor respond to the water, water is energy,that's your vehicle. Water is in every cell of our body.
And the amazing, happy accidents begin to appear and bloom and mix...
And the best parts frequently are unplanned and as you gain experience, they are somewhat predictable. You learn how to get certain effects and other times it's fun to produce surprises.

But, what isn't much fun and it see it sometimes in my workshops, is when someone is struggling to draw from life 
and all they've done previously is trace or project or copy photographs.

None of that takes place in a en plein air art workshop.
So, if you're thinking about taking an art workshop and painting from life, you need to practice drawing from life. Filling in between the lines does no justice to the delicate beauty and sensitivity of a Watercolor painting. ©JR Baldini

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Your privacy is important to us and we do not sell, share or otherwise divulge any information submitted to us

You can visit my website at www.jrbaldini to view my Gallery of Paintings


Full refunds available up to 45 days from start of workshop, minus a $50.00 fee. 
We regret, less than 45 days from start of class, because of advance reservations, no refunds are available.

 Non painting companions are welcome!. 

Questions ? Call Mon - Sat EST 9-5 at 1 800 393-7270

Payable by ck or PayPal - No PayPal account required - Pay by PayPal now 

Full refunds available up to 45 days from start of workshop, minus a $50.00 fee.

We regret, less than 45 days from start of class, because of advance reservations, no refunds are available.

 Non painting companions welcome!. 
My Watercolor Workshop Philosophy

"The intuitive qualities of water". This is a series I am doing. The medium of watercolor, because it utilizes the vehicle of water, allows you to free up limitations, inhibitions and become more intuitive, as you allow your most 'authentic creative self' to flow from your heart space through your brush by the amazing qualities of 'water'. Plain everyday water can be 'a life force' , 'a creative force' and a 'change force' for your inward and outer reality. The fluid characteristics of water, allow for delightfully uncontrolled, genuine responses.

Who can benefit from "The intuitive qualities of watercolor" workshop ?...
non artists
watercolor artists
oil painters and those who work in other mediums...

I worked in watercolor for 25 years exclusively, to loosen up my painting style, after formal training as a child from the age of ten. Professionally, I continue to use watercolors for the very personal response it brings into my work.
Contact me for more info or future dates at my studio for this workshop series. 

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What a great workshop! It was exactly what I'd hoped for because it struck the right balance for me of instruction and time to practice what I learned.
Jacq is not only a wonderful artist but she is also a skilled and dedicated teacher: encouraging, sensitive,
honest and completely devoted to the art of painting.

Thank you so much for my private tutorial at Burnt Head. I learned more from you about watercolor in 2 hrs. than I did in an 8 week course I'd just finished!

                                              Judy Kamm

 Such s perfect workshop with such beautiful sharers/facilitators!!      

                                                JA Anderson,

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